Yeonhap System Co., Ltd.

“A factory that makes the factory run well”

Born in 1970, the dawn of Korean manufacturing, we at Union System have over 50 years of manufacturing know-how.
It started as a bearing manufacturer and has now grown into a manufacturing platform company that is involved in all aspects of manufacturing.
Anything related to manufacturing such as production / design / processing / distribution / production request / overseas sourcing is our specialty.
Yeonhap System’s rich experience and specialized specialized business team
We will be a partner that responds in the best way possible, no matter what the customer requests.
The square shape of YHS Manufacturing Part BI symbolizes the sturdiness of the product.

YHS bearings and precision parts are not eye-catching parts, but

As an essential part of every machine, it must be durable and perform its role in its place.

Bearings are the center of all power!

The center of Korea's manufacturing industry is the DIGITAL FACTORY Yeonhap System.

Brand Slogan


Like essential machine parts that work hard for the world, Union System is also silently working to develop our country’s manufacturing industry.

Color Guide

RGB mode (for web) color code #005294
R:0 G:82 B:148
CMYK mode (for printing) color code #004C95
C:100 M:62 Y:0 K:20
The blue color of BI stands for trust, honesty, and constant development.

Margins and size guide (when printing)

Leave space above, below, and on both sides equal to the height of the first letter ‘Y’.
The size is at least 3mm type / type + slogan type.
It is specified to be at least 5mm.
The appropriate size based on A4 is 4mm in height for type type / 6mm in height for type + slogan type.