11 thoughts on “Bearing for Chain Conveyor

  1. I’m looking for bearings for my conveyor line
    size: in side bore diameter 0.25″
    out side bore diameter 0.687″
    hight of the bearing 1.954″
    width of the bearing 0.600″

    • Thanks for visit my web page.

      But your requested bearings are too small to manufacturing in my company.
      I can make bearings over than 15mm(0.6″) for inner diameter.

      If you have any more question, tell me again at any time. thanks.

  2. hi ,I’m trying to get rubber coated bearings to rotate a metal ring 10″ diameter a belt coming from motor will move the bearing and this will move the metal ring in rotation , but i need a strong type of plastic or rubber coating to avoid tearing and friction with the metal ring .

    • Thanks your contact.

      To check which is recommended for you, we need more detailed information for your requested bearings. If you have drawings or photos for that, please send them to us via e-mail as sales@yeonhapsystem.co.kr.

  3. Dear sir,
    I want roller chain bearing.
    Od 44 thick 16
    And inner side length is 21.5 and the inside hole is8mm.
    And inner collar dia is 19.
    This is very urgent require qty is 300 nos.
    Thanks and regards
    For pooja industrial corporation

  4. Dear Sir,
    May i know the K T TYPE BEARING chain same model with Nippon steel chain trolley (For Japan Box Conveyor 5 Ton) .If same or equal model please provide the specification & drawing & quotation as following;-
    1) HZ75-5AB CHAIN (Japan)- 120m length

    2) Caterpillar chain( for drive the chain)-1 length

    Please quote the price & delivery date.Thanks

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