Constructing features of product such as quality of the material, load, ball array type surface treatment, cover treatment, etc. for bearing structure design through a drawing. Contrast to standardized products, designing & manufacturing a product which is durable under heavy load is our strong feature. Moreover we can apply to any kinds of bearing structure depending on various situations.


In processing of Outer and Inner race which are basic elements for bearing, thanks to automated procedure such as U-drilling, Incision of inner diameter and Rough machining, it is possible to produce LDP regardless of the volume of products.


Ball track grinding process for keeping rolling in optimum play. Especially “Automatic track grinding machine” produces not only uniform quality but also high production rate.


Assembling the parts into a complete unit. Internal composition is finished by the following process of ball installing, extraneous matter washing by linking retainer, grease stuffing and seal inserting. The automatic assembling machine increases uniformity of the quality through clean washing and regular grease stuffing.


As the last checking process, problems concerned for delivery are checked through the inspection of rolling condition, grease stuffing condition, hardness and size. We are continuously strengthening the last checking process for the best quality under the company motto “customers’ perfect satisfaction”.