Main Products of Bearing

At YHS, we produce a variety of bearings for forklifts, heavy equipment vehicles, and conveyor chains.

Roller & Ball Bearing for Forklift

Forklift bearings are broadly categorized into mast roller bearings, chain sheave bearings, and side roller bearings. We manufacture and produce all three types of bearings.

Track Roller Bearing for Crane

YHS offers an extensive selection of bearings designed for heavy equipment vehicles, encompassing both wire type and chain type varieties.

Track Roller Bearing for Conveyor

YHS produces bearings for high-load conveyor lines, providing superior impact resistance, strength, and durability compared to standard roller bearings.


We offer diverse bearing solutions to meet customer needs, along with seamless service through our manufacturing and distribution network. Whatever your business requires, we ensure top quality and service.

Ball Bearing

Ball bearings are assembled between the shaft and housing to support the rotating shaft and reduce friction. They support the rotating shaft while minimizing friction between the shaft and fixed components.

Handled Ball Bearings (6000,6001,6002,6003,6004,6005,6201,6202,6203,6204,6205,6206,6306,6307,6309,6310,6311,6312,6313,6314) 등등 다수 - 취급 메이커 (SKF,FAG,INA,KBC,팀켄,NTN,KOYO,NSK,KOYO) 등등 다수

Roller Bearing

Roller bearings are similar to ball bearings in reducing friction and transmitting loads. However, while ball bearings use balls to transmit stress, roller bearings utilize cylindrical rolling elements to keep the bearing’s moving components in place.

Handled Roller Bearings (NF203,NF204,NF205,NF207,NF304,NF305,NJ304,NJ304,NJ305,NJ306,NJ307,NU202,NU311) 등등 다수

Angular Bearing

Angular ball bearings are non-separable bearings that support axial loads and perpendicular loads to the axis. In the case of single-row angular ball bearings, a double-row angular ball bearing or a combination of two bearings must be used.

Handled Angular Bearings (5200,5201,5202,5203,5204,5205,5206,5200,5201,5202,5203,5204,5205,5206,5300,5301,5302,5303,5304,5305) 등등 다수

Tapered Roller Bearing

Tapered roller bearings are primarily used to withstand radial and axial loads, with a greater capacity for radial loads compared to angular contact ball bearings, and lower limiting speeds.

Handled Tapered Roller Bearings (30203,30204,30205,30207,30303,30304,32004,32005,33012,33112) 등등 다수

Thrust Bearing

Thrust bearings support axial loads. The axial load is transmitted to the collar attached to the shaft, and the thrust bearing supports this collar, thereby supporting the axial load.

Handled Thrust Bearings (51100,51101,51102,51103,51104,51105,51106,51107,51108,51109,51110,51200,51201,51202,51203,51204,51205,51206,51207,51208) 등등 다수

Miniature Bearings

Miniature bearings, typically with an outer diameter of 9mm or less, come in types such as ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearings. Ball bearings are commonly used in miniature bearings, often as small as a coin.

Handled Small (Miniature) Bearings ( 605ZZ,606ZZ,607ZZ,608ZZ,609ZZ,625ZZ,626ZZ,628ZZ,629ZZ,634ZZ,635ZZ,688ZZ,689ZZ) 등등 다수