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Forklift Bearings

We manufacture Forklift Bearings.

Forklift Bearigns are specially designed for forklift trucks. Forklift machines make sudden and strong move with its pullers and therefore, to withstand the force.

Aerial work platform

Lift Chain Sheave Bearing

These bearing assemblies are widely used in the forklift and crane industries, as guide and support rollers, for leaf chain and roller chain, as well as for wire rope.

Bearing for Conveyer Chain

Conveyor Guide Roller Bearing

Our company produces roller bearings for heavy loaded into conveyor chain.
It mainly plays a part as guide roller.
High heat grease is required for coating line

Chain Sheave Roller Bearing

Forklift truck-wide bearing for chain’s driving axis for vertical movement of fork carriage. In place of the existing method of inserting standardized bearing, w emake our product durable as manufacturing all-in-one product. Especially by removing structural complexity of double inserting method. we strengthened our product’s price competitiveness and improved the quality by making up for the weak points ni outter diameter and wing. Welocalized various kinds includingproduct for 7.5 TON of HyundaiHeavy Industries Co., Ltd.

Mast Roller Bearing

This product is for movement of forklift truck’s mast. Bal bearing and roller bearina. Roller bearing for at over 7.5 TON features specilal design which enables enough lasting quality under irregular load of a forklift truck. In the mechanism of the forklift truck, fi cargo object is not placed on the center of gravity, bearing is easily worn away due to rotational moment. But load bearing is operated being inserted intc between fork carriage and mast to raise the load of bearing by changing the existing ball type to roller type and to incease the life of bearing and forklift truck by minimization of roller ball spacing(0.007mm). Localization of this product is contributing to acceleration of domestic technology development and employment.

Side Roller Bearing

Bearing which keeps mast carriage from horizontal shaking during verticalmovement of forklift truck. Itis also called shaft bearing. Our al- in-one production strenathened durability of the bearing making up for transformation by friction which occurred on existing inserting bearing Especially, we developed side roller bearing for SUMITOMO YALE forklift truck from retainer type to neddle full type to make up forabrasion due to excessive load.Siderollermodelbythetypeofacarisas follows.