• 2016  Certificate Holder of Work-Based Learning Program for High School
  • 2015  Certificate Holder of Work-Based Learning Program
  • 2014  Acquisition of Venture firm status
  • 2012  Technology Innovation Company (INNO-BIZ) Level A   (Certified by SMALL AND MEDIUM BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION)
  • 2011  Parts Specialized Company
  • 2011  Obtain a patent on Radial bearing
  • 2011  Appointed Yoon,Joon-saam as CEO
  • 2010  Company laying Technology Institute is authorized.


  • 2008  Company credit rated BBB  (Certified by KOREA ENTERPRISE DATA)
  • 2006  Starting to export bearings for conveyor chains to NIPPON STEEL
  • 2006  Clean Workplace
  • 2004  Starting technology transference and capital investment to the joint corporation in China
  • 2003  CEO received a Presidential Citation in the Best Entrepreneur Division.  (Awarded from MINISTRY OF GOVERNMENT ADMINISTRATION AND HOME AFFAIRS)
  • 2003  Chose as a promising export medium company  (By GYEONGGI PROVINCE)
  • 2003  Starting to supply roller chain bearings to POSCO E&C
  • 2002  CEO received Exemplary Woman Entrepreneur Award
  • 2002  CEO received Exemplary Entrepreneur Award of Gyeonggi Province


1970s ~ 1980s

  • 1988  Moved by business expansion  (To Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do)
  • 1980  Moved by business expansion  (To Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul)
  • 1970  Founding by President Yoon, Yeong-cheol  (Jongno-gu, Seoul)
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